How to Know You’ve Found the Right House for You

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Ready to buy your first home? You might be wondering now what factors you should take into consideration to make sure you chose the right house for you. You are seeing a lot of houses lately, you are fortunate to have many, many options – cute bungalows, new construction, large mansions, farm houses and condos. But, with these many choices, how will you know that you’ve found the ‘right one’?

Here are some signs to know if it is the right house for you

You can afford it

First things first, make sure you can afford the house.  The right house for you should not be one that makes you suffer every month to pay the bills. Energy bills, taxes, HOA fees, yard maintenance, new furnishings, and general upkeep are costs you need to add to your budget.

Don’t get too attached. Plan your budget without squeezing it to the max!

Follow your Instinct

When you walk in the door you get that warm and fuzzy homey feeling, you start to envision layouts and furniture arrangements, you can picture your family living there. Do not second guess your own instincts. If you find the right house, go for it!

Right Location

The house should be in a neighborhood you want. Some say you can change everything else in a house, or even tear the whole thing down and build a new one. But you can’t change its location. Well, I guess there’s a reason this saying is so popular in real estate – Location is extremely important.

Paints a smile on your face

Seeing yourself painting the wall with your favorite color. Thinking about making it yours makes you feel excited and paints a smile on your face. That’s when you know you’ve found the right house.

Wants vs. Needs

Identify your wants and needs. New houses, flashy and nice but with all those upgrades can be distracting. Stay focused on what’s important. Prioritize, make a list of what you like and what you must have in a home. Make sure your house meets your needs, in any case your wants can be negotiable.

Flaws don’t matter anymore

You clearly see the flaws, but you try to defend each of those because for you, flaws don’t matter anymore. You are willing to overlook negative aspects of the home, you find a certain view or upgrade that make up for that flaw.

You just fall in love with the house.


Try to figure out how badly you want the house, this is one of the best way to know you’ve found the right home. Compare all the houses you’ve seen, think about it and talk about it. Ask yourself some questions like, can you imagine yourself living in the home?

If you think you’ve find the right home, go for it! You are not the only home buyer looking for a house to buy with your specific criteria. Write that offer now! Don’t let it get away!


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